Continuing in the "silver" versions color schemes by casting certain parts in gray, the Cosmic Integral Robot Exchange System, or "C.I.R.E.S.", was almost identical to the first series release save for the minor color change.

The three robots were very similar in appearance (aside from the color changes) with one major difference. Giant Acroyear was a mix of mostly plastic and minor die-cast metal parts in the "armroid" smaller robot figures - the C.I.R.E.S. toy was cast entirely in plastic. This was probably done to lower production costs, as the plastic used was a cheaper grade than the original as well.

The cheaper plastic used caused a common problem throughout the Inter-changeables line, that being ill-fitting and loose parts. This could be a real problem if the major play factor of the toy was the interchangeability...never the less, the C.I.R.E.S. tron came with all the same accessories as the original to create the different ships it claimed to do. One ship was the "missile launching vehicle" or "Acro Cannon" and the "rocket plane" or "Acro Jet" (as they are known in the Microman universe). Also included to round out the extra toys included were the two "missile launching robots", or "Armroids". These were the two figures which had their die-cast details removed. The lighter weight of the figures probably would have made them hold tighter onto the main body if not for all the bad 5mm fits.

As was a common occurrence with the Inter-changeables, sometimes different parts of the toys pictured on the box would be cast in a different color than the actual toy inside. The first series C.I.R.E.S. suffered (or gained) the most from this production error. Since the "silver" series C.I.R.E.S. (say that five times fast!) is a much rarer release, it is hard to confirm if it also shares this same trademark.

C.I.R.E.S. also came with Inter-changeables versions instruction and sticker sheets, which were basically altered Micronauts sheets and came packaged bearing an HourToy logo on the back of the box. Also any kind of copyright or company info was removed from the figures body, and any kind of release date or year indication on the packaging was nonexistent…even further deepening the mystery of the exact origins of the toys altogether. The Micronology below shows C.I.R.E.S. clocking in as the 4th variation on the same figure.