The "silver" series Cosmo-man probably had the least amount of changes made to the figure making it near impossible to tell the difference between the two in loose examples. Based on the original Mego Time Traveler, it still shares all the same features and properties the previous Cosmo-man did.

The two sets of figures were basically identical, and a slight change can be seen with the green version released. The first series is a more dark forest green in color, while the second series is a lighter teal green. It is unknown to determine if this holds true for the other 3 colors (blue, amber and red) as the other carded series two versions are unavailable to compare with at the moment to ISO. Stay tuned for possible updates as they hope to be acquired.


With some of these new Cosmo-men looking a bit similar to the earlier released Time Travelers, it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between the two. Of course, the green and red colors are a dead give away, but the blue and amber ones may be a little trickier to spot.


One simple way to assess this, is to flip the figure over and look for the company info (or lack thereof) across the back. The older Mego Time Travelers will have a "Mego Corp. ©" on the top shoulders and "Hong Kong" on the butt, while the Cosmo-man will have no information etched in at all.

The Cosmo-man came carded with basically no accessories except two small pegs. One was similar to the old Time Traveler "L-peg", and the other was just a simple 5mm straight peg, probably a left over scrap of plastic. A Cosmo-man variation called the "Cosmic Warp Chamber" was supposedly released in this second series, but as of yet, ISO was unable to obtain this version to confirm. Other than the Cosmic Attack Cruiser, the "silver" series Cosmo-man seems to be the only other item released in this group to bear the M&D Toy logo, further deepening the mystery surrounding the lines release. The Micronology below shows the Cosmo-man clocking in as the 7th variation on the same figure.