"Centaurus" card signed by Ken Kelly

In April of 2003, Hero Factory finally released it's Micronauts trading cards. The 36-card set was released with 2 different binders, one featuring the Devil's Due comic book art, and the other featuring the classic Ken Kelly Alien paintings. The Space Glider figure that was earlier released with the 9-card preview set, is also packed in the regular set. The new binder set features 18 images from the Devil's Due comic and thanks to the help of Micropolis Embassy moderator Ray Miller, the other 18 images come from the classic toy art of Stephen Lee (vintage Micronaut designer), Ken Kelly (vintage card art artist) and Dave Dorman (new Palisades sticker artist).

Dave Dorman's art includes a sketch drawing of Baron Karza that is only available in this limited trading card set. Interviews with the artists are also available on the backs of the cards. As part of the promotion, 2 cards have been signed by Kelly and Lee. The binder set is a great way to store these new trading cards and the new Palisades stickers, as well as the recently released Microman trading cards.
card set checklist: 1. Micronauts #1 Alternate Cover, 2. Micronauts #1 Cover, 3. Harrowers, 4. Baron Karza on the Throne, 5. Biotron, 6. Baron Karza Origin, 7. Valentino Pin-Up, 8. Acroyear, 9. Ryan Archer, 10. Baron Karza Power, 11. Ganam Jafain, 12. Microtron, 13. Persephone, 14. Maruunus Ki, 15. Azura Nova, 16. Ordaal, 17. Azura Nova vs. Acroyear, 18. Baron Karza's City, 19. Time Traveler, 20. Acroyear 21, Space Glider, 22. Baron Karza, 23. Force Commander, 24. Membros, 25. Baron Karza Alternate, 26. Hornetroid Concept Art, 27. Alien Art 1, 28. Alien Art 2, 29. Antron Art, 30. Centaurus, 31. Hornetroid, 32. Kronos, 33. Lobros, 34. Membros, 35. Repto, 36.Terraphant

Art by Eric Wolfe Hanson

art by Dave Dorman

"Alien Concept Art 2" card signed by Steven Lee