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Somewhere between the demise of Mego and the start of the oddly colored Inter-changeables toy line, lie the Lords of Light.

According to Jay Horowitz of the American Plastic Molds company, Marty Abrams (the then former head of Mego) teamed up with an old partner by the name of Joe Ruzzi in the early '80's. Joe Ruzzi ran the Packaging and Assembly Corp., which Marty used to package the Mego product back near the end of the companies run. After Mego went under, Marty approached Jay to possibly continue the Micronauts in one form or another, thus PAC Toys was born. Marty would become the "silent" partner, with Joe at the forefront producing and selling the toys.

"(They) started strong - didn't last long." Says Jay, and the Lords of Light quickly disappeared after about just one year. Ray Miller (of the Micropolis Embassy mailing list) has confirmed in an interview with one of the lines designers that almost all the products on the back of the Lords of Light card were indeed produced, albeit the numbers unknown. The only known ones to surface so far have been the four Evilite figures, most of which were modified Micronaut Aliens. The card back shows that many more modified Micronauts products were going to be used, but to this day their existence is still a mystery.

You can click on the different card sections above (the "Lords of Light", the "Evilites" and the "Izzurian Space Vehicles" titles) to get a closer look at the three different divisions that were to make up the Lords of Light toy line. Two heroes; Lord Luma and Prince Futurion (pictured below) and two robotic sidekicks (?) Leborio (a strange "mobile battle computer" with a Repto head) and Equestrian (an obvious Centaurus clone) made up the good Izzurian characters who were the Lords of Light.
Lords of Light commercial stills courtesy of Ray Miller
The evil characters were called (obviously enough) the Evilites, and were made up of the four known action figures to be released; Emperor Dementia, Topen (a modified Lobros), Nepos (a modified Kronos) and Toriac (a modified Antron). These characters featured a hollow chest that you could insert an Emralyte Power Rod into (a mini glow stick) for a glowing action feature. Two action packed commercials were produced and showed off most of these toys along with some amazing costumes. Each figure also came packed with a mini comic book that told the Lords of Light story. Click on the the cover below to read the full story...and enjoy the strange world that made up the Lords of Light.
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