When you think of Colorforms, do you think of Strawberry Shortcake, Peanuts, and Holly Hobbie? Well, now you can think of Micronauts, too. In 1977, the Colorforms Company put out its "Micronauts Adventure Set". The box cover art featured a great illustration of Force Commander flying thru space, with Baron Karza and an Acroyear ll flying close behind. Colorforms basically contained a glossy cardboard "work board" with small plastic pieces of different objects that could be stuck to it, and also easily removed via…magic! The backboard (12" x 7 ˝") had an illustration of Biotron standing on a lunar landscape, with a burning Rhodium Orbiter in the foreground corner. The pieces that came with it to apply to the work board contained parts to a Force Commander, a Baron Karza centaur, an Acroyear and Acroyear ll, a Space Glider, a pilot for Biotron, 2 misc. spaceships, a "vroom!" sound effect, and even a small c. 1977 Mego corp. piece.
It also came with a 5 fold, 1-sided Colorforms pamphlet thing, similar to the old Micronaut catalogs. Colorforms were supposed to help children with things like dexterity, building ability, sense of spatial relationship, sense of neatness and order…but obviously protecting the Microverse from the evil Baron Karza might not have been on their minds at the time!