...and if you were a really good kid, did all your homework and ate all your veggies, your Mom decorated your bedroom with this...the Micronauts fabric! This sheet of wooly fabric could be used for many things: curtains, bedsheets and PJ's...albeit itchy ones. The most interesting item created from this fabric was the infamous Micronauts mattress. Decorated with illustrations of Micronauts in action, this was a sure hit with kids who loved the toys. The drawings of the figures were pretty accurate, with Baron Kaza and Force Commander blasting laser beams from a backack cone in place of their hands, to an Andromeda tank and cool red Space Glider! The Time Traveller seemed to be piloting a craft made from Micropolis city pieces, and the Battle Cruiser seems to bear a striking resemblance to the prototype version made from the Microman Transfer Frortress pictured in an early catalog. The fabric has a copyright of 1978 drawn into one of the illustrations.