Before there were video games, there were board games. Milton Bradley was the big name in board games back then, and in 1978 they produced their best game to date…The World of the Micronauts Game! The object of this tri-level board game was to capture Baron Karza-intruder into the Micronauts world. Contents included a game board with a path to move on, the "Great Hall" consisting of panels, ring platforms, and stair cases, 32 cards which told how many spaces to move, etc… 1 die with numbers and red spots on it, an "Intruder Control Panel" which had a spinning dial with numbers and commands on it and a control arm which hid the selection until it was moved into the "on" position, and 5 figure game pieces. 1 of the pieces was a Baron Karza, and the other 4 were differently colored Space Glider figures-green blue yellow and red. The pieces were pretty neat in the fact that the front of them had a frontal shot of the figure walking, and the reverse side had a back view.

The Great Hall was an intricate construct, which had cool illustrations of computer banks on them, complete with open doorways for the figure piece to pass thru, which sat in the middle of the game board. The basic objective of the game was to "capture" or land on the same space occupied by the Baron. Rolling the die determined how many spaces to move, and the red dot indicated use of the Intruder Control Panel and drawing a card. A very fun game to play when you were a kid, and the instructions even encouraged you to use the Micronauts figures in game play. "Baron Karza has invaded the Micronauts world, his evil presence threatens the security of their spaceport and he must be captured." Fun to play with or without following the instructions!