In the 70's, style was everything. From your Afro to your bellbottoms, no look was complete with out a cool iron-on t-shirt. Iron-on transfers were big money back in the day, every kid wore one, and Mego jumped on the bandwagon. They had produced 5 different transfers featuring Micronauts characters, done in that glittery style that was so popular back then. The 5 illustrations included: Baron Karza, Microtron, Biotron, Acroyear, and Space Glider. All the illustrations were pretty well done, save for the Space Glider, and all have a 1978 c. by Mego on them.
On an interesting side note, the Microtron one even bears the Microman's Micro-robot 1's sticker design on its chest. And…the glittery designs all reflect well off a spinning disco-ball.