Here are the Micronaut Jewelry sets, 8 pieces in all, 4 rings and 4 pendants, bearing the likenesses of four different characters. Baron Karza, Force Commander, Acroyear and Biotron. The original owner said she bought these around 1982-84, from a outlet store named Insurance Liquidators in the mid west. She paid $.49 apiece for them. According to Erik Larsen's excellent site, Micro-outpost (the Micronauts Homepage) these were thought only to have existed as prototypes seen in a jewlers case. The original seller said she had seen more of them there, but didnt pick them up.

This is Force Commander, who is also "jointed" at the arms and legs. All 4 of these jewelry pieces come on an 18" chain, and have the words " c. 1978 Mego" on the back. Altho they look kind of large in the pictures, the pendants are only 2" in height. Some of the rings also come with an original price tag of $2.75. What a find these would have been back in 1978, huh?

Next up is Acroyear. He, along with Baron Karza and Force Commander, has "jointed" arms and legs, which both go up and down. These 3 are also the most "super deformed" style, meaning having large heads and small bodies. This is a popular style in Japanese anime. For some reason they decided to mold this particular piece with the backwards head. Maybe because you can see the eyes much better in this way.

Here is a shot of the Biotron jewelry. He is otherwise known in the world of Microman, as Robotman. Robotman was one of the most popular and loved characters in the Microman line. And shown here, by far the most acurate and coolest looking one of the bunch. The shoulders are "jointed" and move up and down.