Despite its silly name and odd appearance, Karrio was a sound idea at the time. Where does a kid put his Micronauts when he's done playing with them? In his Karrio carrying case of course! Karrio was a 24" tall by 4 Ż" wide robot with rollers, that split open to be used as a storage case. OKůso he was pretty much just a carrying case, but who cares?

He had the same features on both sides, and the out side was riddled with 5mm holes, and the inside with 5mm pegs to hold the figures. Gotta love the 5mm peg/hole system! He came applied with 3 stickers per side-a robotic face, a computer bank chest piece, and of course the Micronauts logo. Karrio came packaged basically loose on the shelf, with a cardboard over wrap. The prototype version shows a slightly different black and blue Karrio with a different head.