The Mego Micronauts had no back story for kids to identify with, and back then they didn't need one. But later on in the '80's, having a TV show tie-in of some kind was a necessity. Commercials just weren't enough to sell a product, so the next best thing to having a Saturday morning cartoon for the Lords of Light was for them to create their own back story and include it with the toys. This was done in the form of a mini-comic book, which was as equally entertaining to read as it was somewhat disturbing to look at. "Die a thousand deaths, Izzurian!" isn't the most appropriate slogan to help sell toys to children, but nevertheless was the war cry of the Evilites. Illustrated by noted cartoonist Howard Nostrand, this 10" x 14" 2-sided glossy fold up comic was a nice addition to a rather poorly made action figure. Click on the thumbnails below to see the "big picture" behind the fight between the Lords of Light and the Evilites, and "let the saga continue..."