"Micronite! La pazza, mysteriosa materia dei Micronauti!" Micronite-the crazy mysterious thing of the Micronauts. (translated from the Italian) From looking at the front of it's card (approx. 5" x 7") it's hard to figure out just what Micronite could be. The card is flat, with a 2" round bubble with what appears to be a golf ball inside. When you flip the card over, the mystery is solved! In the early 80's, the Italian Gig Co., licensed and released it's own line of Micronauts.
The line consisted mostly of the basic figures and vehicles with some special Italian-only releases, Micronite included. Micronite was…Micronaut silly putty. The back card reads," Non-toxic. From planet of Micronauts through infinity space, jump on earth a mysterious material a little bit crazy. It deforms, copy, jump, bump, broke and comes always in its original form. It is the Micronite of Micronauts." Yup. Its silly putty, all right. The captions beneath the pictures read," jump", "copy", "it destroy and rebuild". But what about the mysterious material called…"Meganite"???
My Italian friend Jo (who supplied me with the Micronite and the translation) claimed there was a black colored version of the Micronite called Meganite, with Baron Karza on the card. He could not however confirm this, and it may just be another fuzzy childhood memory…but hey? Why not? You gotta have some evil silly putty to do battle with the good silly putty!