The Micronauts that were released in the Italian market in the mid 80's yeilded some strange and interesting pieces. Here is but one: the Microtimer! Put out by the Gig co., what looks to be a Magno figure 2-pack, the Microtimer is actually an LED watch with a picture of Force Commander on it. The front of the box says something to the effect of "2 assortment" in Itailian, leading one to believe there may have been another watch released, possibly with a picture of Baron Karza on it. (update 12/27/02: The Baron Karza Microtimer has surfaced! See picture below) Below you can see that only one watch was packaged per box.
A close-up shot of the actual watch itself shows a Force Commander on the face. It seemed that the Italians really liked the Magno figures for some reason, because they put their pictures on everything from this watch, to their own brand of "silly putty" among other items. Either way, the Gig products were neat and undoubtedly rare additions to the Micronaut family. (photos from an eBay auction)


Recently at an Italian flea market, Italian dealer Jo (who helped with allot of the Italian translations) uncovered something he had not seen in a long time; another Microtimer watch! Bought for about $5.00 US, this Microtimer was slightly different than the only other one he had ever seen...

The last Microtimer he uncovered a few years back had the picture of Force Commander on the face. But this one had the big bad daddy of all evil Micronauts on it- Baron Karza! Finally confirming it's existance after years of speculation, this rareity sold on ebay for almost $300.

Many thanks to Jo for supplying the pictures, and here's to hoping he uncovers a case of these things to share with American collectors!