In 2003, ibooks, publishers of X-men and Dr.Who novels released the first Micronauts novel ever. Written by Steve Lyons, the story of Ryan Archer begins in this first installment. Book 1, "The Time Traveler Trilogy" contains cover art by Joseph Michael Lisner (of Dawn fame) and is also the alternate cover to the Micronauts #4 comic book. Clocking in at 286 pages, this mini sci-fi pocket book sells for $6.99.

Here now is a review by Micronauts comic expert Harris Rotman: "What if Karza was not the dictator of the Micronauts' universe?" Everything would then change. But there is still an invasion from a Rift into our world, and Ryan Archer and his father are still caught in the middle of it. In this book, Azura Nova and Ordaal and their Harriers are the baddies, and Ryan, his father, Knave, and Microtron try to survive their invasion. However, a mysterious Time Traveler is constantly trying to get Ryan's attention, letting him know that the universe he's existing in is the wrong one; that another set of events should have occurred. The timeline had been altered. Ryan gets flashbacks of the comic-book Micronauts universe, and sees Biotron, Knave, Microtron, Persephone, and Acroyear as they flee from Karza's forces (as detailed in Micronauts 1-6). The book ends with Knave and Ryan entering the Rift in Ordaal's stolen ship, the Sunrunner, in search of Acroyear.


The writing style is only fair. It's told in the first person (a very difficult style to write in), from Ryan's point of view. This guy is not going to win the Hugo for his talents. However, the story is very interesting. I think he succeeded in telling a very good story and tying it into the comic book. I was very pleased with the book. In that sense, the writer succeeded very well. Anyone who likes the comic will like this book as well. Appearances by Dallas Archer, Ryan Archer, Knave, Microtron, Time Traveler, Ordaal, Azura Nova, Harriers, the Rift, the Sunrunner, Kronos aliens, Lobros, and mention of Equestrons!

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