Just like their Inter-changeables counterparts, the Italian Nuovi ("new") Micronauts were shrouded in mystery. And the similarities didn't end there...as a matter of fact, this set of 6 Magno only Micronauts were pretty much...the same thing. From the cheap quality plastics used to the almost identical packaging, it begs the question; were these releases related in any other ways besides in name only?

Those questions will probably never be answered, but looking at the figures themselves only confirm that which is obvious. Whomever worked the deal to produce the Inter-changeables was probably the same person responsible for this GiG deal as well. Just like the Inter-changeables, the Nuovi magno figures utilized the "HK" figure molds for Karza, Force Commander and Emperor (the heads are the same HK style heads) while using the "Japan" molds for the steeds (the pointed tails and numbered leg pieces, etc.). And just like the other Inter-changeables figures, the large rubber tipped safety missiles replaced the smaller pointed ones.

Even the photography on the packaging was the same, except for the new "Nuovi" logo replacing the Inter-changeables one. Yet there were a few differences that were quite obvious...like the names of those Inter-changeables characters switched back to their rightful Micronaut identities. This was probably due to the fact that GiG had no need to change or "hide" the names of the Micronauts they had already produced from anyone, they being just a continuation of the same series they and already released...and were probably cheap stock bought, slightly changed visually, and then sold. The other major difference was that Emperor's steed Megas was reintroduced, replacing the Inter-changeables Metallion...the same Metallion, which used the strange Italian GiG Micronauts Lantaurion and Pegasus head...what an interesting back story if it were ever revealed...

The Nuovi Force Commander and Inter-changeables Captain Cosmo were identical, as were the Nuovi Oberon and Inter-changeables Cosmo Steed. Oberon came with the same solid red missile launchers and red universal magnetic joints. The wheels also included to form the rolling steed tank were red with white hubs, as were the hooves and tail.

The Nuovi Emperor and Inter-changeables Lord Meto were identical, as were the Nuovi Megas and earlier GiG Megas, with one glaring difference: the Nuovi Megas body was more similar to the Inter-changeables Metallion, having a black body and gold neck joint. The GiG Megas has a black neck with gold body, making the history even more confusing. Other features Megas shared with Metallion were the black hooves and tank hubs, but the g-i-t-d green parts were replaced with solid black missile launchers, wheels and universal magnetic joints. Emperor also came with the same accessories his cousins did; rubber cape, backpack, gold sword and extra fists.

Lastly, the Nuovi Andromeda was identical to the Inter-changeables 1st series Magna Steed, cast in gray with red highlights. Missile launchers, universal magnetic joints and wheels were also gray, with red hooves and hubs. But the Nuovi Karza more resembled the 2nd series "silver" Inter-changeables Count Magno, cast in gray with blue highlights. There have also been examples of the gray Nuovi Karza with it's regular red highlights, further backing the suggestion that the Nuovi Micronauti were simply Inter-changeables overstock released in the Italian marketplace.