Sometime in the late 70's, early 80's Mego let a company called Nichols-Kusan, inc. produce a new Micronaut item...the Galactic Phazer. This was a battery powered light up rifle. The gun would make an "authentic laser" sound, and came with a spectrascope, an interplanetary periscope, a shoulder stock, a silver laser shield (missing from this item) and a long and short range muzzle.

Nichols-Kusan also released a few other products similar to this including a smaller version of the Galactic Phazer called the Galactic Lazer (in a similar box), a Force Commander helmet, and the next item: the Micro Lazer. This small hand held blaster was a little different than the others. It came packaged on a card, and was not battery powered like the rest. When you pulled the trigger, it spun a wheel which rubbed a piece of flint to produce sparks!

Nichols-Kusan produced a variety of weapons for any kid to become a living Micronaut, and ISO wants to play too! ISO is currently in search of the Galactic Lazer (pictured above) and the Force Commander helmet. If you have any leads, please contact ISO!