What better way to spend the summer, then to lounge round the pool with your favorite toys the Micronauts? Well, as the toys themselves may have gotten water damaged or rusty, these items wouldn't. Another Italian only item, bearing both a Gig and Mego logo, come the Micronaut inflatable pool toys! A "life preserver" and beachball with the likenesses of, you guessed it, our 2 favorite magnos on them. The Italians liked to slap the Micro-logo on everything, and especially the images of Baron Karza and Force Commander.
The ring and ball came packaged flat, inside a plastic bag. The bag itself had a cardboad insert which featured the Magnos in a nice action pose. These images were repeated on the ball and ring, with the addition of the two Magno steeds, Andromeda and Oberon. Another super rare item for the lucky kids in Italy.
Many thanks to owner/collector Kristof Erkiletian for the pictures.