In 1978, the American Publishing Corp. put out 3 Micronauts puzzles, or "jigsaw puzzle casse-tetes" These were 11" x 17" 200 piece jigsaw puzzles that looked great when assembled, provided all the pieces were there! The 3 puzzles were titled:"Baron Karza" ( which has a great shot of him done in the classic blurry motion stance similar to the pics used on the figure cards.)

Baron Karza vs. Force Commander (which showed a victorious Commander wearing an upside down backpack standing over a defeated Baron), and lastly "Biotron vs. Giant Acroyear" (which shows a great action shot with unfortunately a lot of dead space and the Baron far off in the background). These were produced in Watertown, Ma., but I think mostly distributed in the Canadian market due to the small French writing and the "casse-tete" on the box.