What is this? A Biotron ring? Wait a minute…that's Robotman…but wait? A Robotman ring? Where does something like this come from? Well, straight out of Japan courtesy of the retail store Base Xero Xero comes the very limited edition, made to order Robotman ring. Licensed from Takara, and produced by a small company named Gargamel and Base Xero Xero, the Robotman ring is a sure example of craftsmanship at it's finest.

Hand sculpted and cast in pewter, the Robotman ring is a great additon to anyone's Microman collection.

This is strictly a fan made product, and was possibly produced for a Japanese toy show at one point, the date on the box is 2002.
The Base Xero Xero version has the stores logo (the "2X00") embossed on the forehead, and is a perfect miniature sculpture of the Microman's favorite hero; Robotman.
The box that the ring comes in is totally hand made, and is also a great reproduction of the original Robotman box. The box itself is approx. 2 ¾" x 2 ¾" x 2 ¼", and even comes with a small window section in the front. The attention to detail is astounding in both the box and the ring.

Above a few views of the Robotman ring box, and right is Base Xero Xero shop owner Ussun modeling the Robotman ring, along with a Microman chest plate ring