Yes, that's right...your figures are melting. Have you noticed lately that you can't move any of the 1.5 heads or arms? Concerned sources (who wish to remain anonymous) have informed ISO that the rubber tubes that hold the arms and head in place inside the figures chest cavity are melting the plastic. Badly, too. But there is still time to save your figures from serious damage...

It is common knowledge that the first factory Palisades used pulled a fast one, by showing them production samples that were near perfect and then using cheap and inferior materials during the actual production. Well, this seems to be a common practice with the HK factories, because the newer factory hired to create Series 1.5 to work out all the bugs in the molds for the first series did the same thing. The small rubber tube that holds the figures head and arms in place are adhering to the plastic of the arms and head ball, and will eventually damage the figure beyond repair. This is actually nothing new to the toy industry, as vintage Micronaut rubber tipped missiles suffer from the same thing. This is what is referred to as "melt marks", and it's the reaction the cheap rubber has when it comes in contact with certain plastics.

But there is still time to fix this mess...if you very carefully unscrew the figure at the back, you can remove and replace this tube. You will need an exacto knife to cut away the tubing from the arm joint, and if your figure hasn't melted too bad you can replace the tube with a new one. Seems that series 2 does not suffer from this problem, so you can easily replace it with one from those. Or even use a vintage MEGO tube, because it is all the same scale.

But use caution, because the melting tube will most likely be stuck to the arms and head, and will be tricky to cut away. Be careful not to force the head away either, because the ball will most likely be half melted away and could break at the stem.

So if you love your toys, you will perform this life saving tube transplant so that they might live a long and sturdy life on your shelf.

This has been a public service announcement courtesy of Inner Space Online.