Nepos, the swift insect-like Evilite annihilator, was one of only four Lords of Light action figures known to exist. Released in 1984 by Pac Toys, Nepos is best known as the long lost cousin of the Micronauts Kronos.

A hodgepodge of different Micronaut figure parts and accessories, any Lords of Light figures are an extremely rare find. With loose joints and made from very fragile plastic, Nepos (are as any Lords of Light figures) is hard to find complete in any condition, and possibly even rarer to find MOC.


The Evilite Villians all featured interesting variations on the earlier released Micronaut Alien weapons with their accessories. Some pieces were cast in black, but most came in a glow-in-the-dark plastic which looked very nice in comparison to the slightly strange color schemes going on throughout the line.


All the Lords of Light figures also featured an unusual yet very interesting play accessory/feature: the Emralyte Power Rods. These "power rods" were nothing more than tiny glow sticks, that when cracked, could be inserted into the the figures hollow chests to make them "glow with power"! The humanoid figures could also hold them in their hands as a sort of "light saber"...

prototype photo & commercial stills courtesy of Ray Miller

While the original Micronauts stood at an indusry setting standard of 3 3/4" tall, the Lords of Light characters stood about 4 1/2" to 5" tall due to their big open neck holes and slim torsos. This was a modified feature used to accomodate the insertion of the light stick.


Nepos card photo courtesy of Bob Kobus

Most of Nepos' body resembled that of Kronos', even down to the included weapon and wings, which were cast in black and g-i-t-d plastic. This makes Nepos a nice addition to any Micronaut collection. The Micronology chart shows Nepos clocking in as the 2nd variation on the same figure.