"The Carrier of Destruction with Claws from the Forbidden Planet of Udanax"

(translated from the Italian )

Copyrighted 1979, Kronos shows the most changes from the three 2nd series Aliens. With a more limited US release and a more common Italian one by the Gig company, The insect like Kronos was the only Alien without wrist cuffs. Instead, he had two praying mantis styled arms, in which he held a magenta colored Blaster. Molded in olive green and orange plastic, Kronos' removable parts included ankles, feet, and a 3 section wing. The 3 separate pieces fit into the 5mm hole in his back, and held in place by a tiny "button". 2 of the veiny wasp like wings were thin and reddish orange, while the middle wing was pink and double the size of the others. Also giving Kronos a unique look was his removable glow in the dark brain which had molded devil horn like antennae.

Kronos card front
Kronos card back

Kronos removable parts