In a bizarre mix and match of magno characters, Lord Meto and his "horse" Metallion were culminated from a combination of the original Italian Emperor and Lantaurion/Pegasus toys. The Emperor's name would be changed and instead of pairing him up with the sleek looking Megas, he was given this odd looking sidekick as a replacement. Other than the changing of the steed, the Emperor and both series Lord Metos are completely identical.

The only real major change with the figures design was the Lantaurion/Pegasus head now being cast in black plastic with green painted eyes to make Metallion. Other than that, both figures shared all the same original features like magnetic joints and launching fists. Although very nice to look at, the cheaper plastic used led to loose fitting parts and Lord Meto's arms and leg sections are usually loose. The rubber cape also included sometimes caused the plastic tray the figure sits in to deteriorate and flake away.


Just like all the proceeding toys, Lord Meto and Metallion also shared the same centaur configuration features all the original magno-characters did. As a side note, Metallion (either series) has the distinction of being the rarest released of all Inter-changeables toys.


A detail worth noting is that the horsetail used for the IC versions went back to the original "non-safety" pointed tail that was later changed in the Mego line to be more rounded. Also any kind of copyright or company info was removed from the figures body, and any kind of release date or year indication on the packaging was nonexistent…even further deepening the mystery of the exact origins of the toys altogether. Lastly, only Metallion - not Lord Meto- was released with an Inter-changeables version instruction sheet, which was basically an altered Micronauts sheet. While Meto came packaged with an HourToy logo on the box, the steed's packaging shows and M&D Toys sticker paced over the original logo.
Micronology chart for Lord Meto and Metallion to come soon!