"The Great Emperor of all the Micronauts" (translated from the Italian)
Released toward the end of the Micronauts run, approximately 1980/81, with a limited US release by Lion Rock and a much wider one by the Gig co. in Italy, the Emperor was truly decked out to be the big boss man. Emperor was a much larger boxed item than his magno predecessors, and also came packed in a large styrofoam tray with many accessories. His color scheme was gold and black. The torso was a bright shiny gold chrome with black highlights, and his arms and legs were all black. Emperor's head was molded from a softer plastic, and featured something new for the magno powered warriors; glow-in-the-dark eyes and mouth.

He also came with 4 glow-in-the-dark fists, and the 2 universal magno joints were also the same glowing color. 1/2 of the large missile holders (or rocket pack) were g-i-t-d, while the rest of it, along with the large 5mm adaptor, 2 large cone shaped missiles, and 4 additional fists (making the total 8) were done in black. A soft rubbery plastic black cape was also included to round out the Emperor's wardrobe. 3 stomach missiles were also apart of the weaponry, but this time large rubber tipped ones replaced the small ones due to the child choking hazard, I guess.
The Emperor was also one of the only other magno figures to sport a sword, a very large gold chrome sword to be exact. This was a kind of hand/arm attachment, that fit onto the figures forearm with the fist removed, then replaced. The evil look on his face combined with the dark color scheme make the Emperor out to be on the side of evil, but no description in mentioned on the box.
Almost identical versions were later released by the Hourtoy co. and M&D Toys as part of their Interchangeables line as Lord Meto.

"The Stallion of the Emperor" (translated from the Italian)
Megas was also a larger boxed item, and followed the same release pattern as the Emperor, more widely in Italy by the Gig co., and much less in the US by Lion Rock. Megas followed the Emperor's color scheme, and had black legs, head and moveable torso joint, while his 4 hooves, full torso, tail and mane were a shiny gold chrome color.

Megas' only glow-in-the-dark feature were his eyes. Aside from the 2 magnetic balls that resided in the torso section, Megas also had 2 magno ports located on either side of his body. 2 black universal magno joints held all black missile launchers which fired the 3 rubber tipped missiles included, replacing the previously released smaller cone shaped ones.
Other all black accessories included the 2 small wheels with treads, 2 large wheels and 4 wheel covers or hubs. Megas could also be transformed to the tank vehicle by removing the legs and placing the hubs thru the wheels and attaching them to the body. And a very menacing Centaur was formed when the two were combined.