One of the most exciting new elements of the Palisades series 1.5 Micronauts set belongs to it's most "common" figure. One of the original ideas that head of production at Palisades Ken Lilly had in mind for the new Micronauts figures involved some sort of repair kit. His idea was to have a sort of "medic" figure, that came with spare parts and maybe even possibly a tiny screw driver for those repairs of injured (broken) Micronauts. Funny how the fiasco with production at the first factory proved all to real the need of this new figure!

The Time Traveler Medic was one of the first sure ideas for a new line, but the plain old Time Traveler needed something else. Ken then handed the idea over to CGI artist/consultant Bryan Wilkinson, and what came forth was pure genius! Hearkening back to the days of Bryan's old favorite Microman figures and their accompanying Capsule accessories, came the first new Micronaut accessory/character idea in over 20 years; the Medic Time Traveler with Med-Pod!


Med-Pod top (l) and bottom (r)

Released and sold only as a set of 4 in March of 2003 through Palisades website, the new 1.5 Time Traveler now cast in all white plastic, comes packed to the hilt with "medical supplies". Being less a chamber (as seen with Pharoid) and more like an "operating table", the Med-Pod serves many cool functions. A 5mm peg resides on the top of the table to hold a figure in place, and the bottom half of the Med-Pod has five 5mm holes to fit 2 of the 3 clear figure stands included. Bryan also designed this table so that the holes in the bottom of the Pod lined up with those on the vintage Astrostation, where it's own hibernation capsule sits.
Added to the back of the S1.5 card is stunning new CGI art also created by Bryan, who is the designer of the new Series 2 accessories. You can see the un-cropped images in all their glory by visiting his site.


Another idea of Bryan's was to give the Time Traveler a red chromed head (another brand new feature not seen on a Micronaut!) and design of a brand new chestplate. The medic chestplate comes with two 2.5mm holes that fit the black "hyrda pipe" also included, and the pipe can then be connected to the Med-Pod for pure cybernetic interfacing and repair.



Many ideas were thrown around for what should be included with the repair kit. As mentioned before, a tiny screw driver, certain body parts...maybe even a chrome Space Glider head (to replace the S1.5 caucasian SG head)? But since budget was tight, and there were many extras already there with the Med-Pod and hydra pipe, the final decision was to include a set of black Time Traveler hands and feet, and 3 "O" rings (hidden underneath the Time Traveler name sticker).

The Series 1.5 set also comes with a few new changes besides the CGI art and tweaking of the QC problems...the card color has been changed to red to differentiate it from Series 1, and the Dave Dorman collector card/sticker art has been changed in house at Palisades to reflect the new color schemes.


The Time Traveler Medic also has new file card text that reads: "No strangers to the dangers of the spaceways and timestreams, the Micronauts rely on the special skills of the temporal-traveling TIME MEDIC in the most life-threatening of situations. Equipped with his specialized MEDICAL CYBER-MODULE and capable of linking his own micro-neurosystems to those of an injured comrade, Time Medic utilizes his MED-POD to protect and restore his fellow explorers." The Microbyte continues: "TIME MEDIC and his accessories were designed by top Micronaut collector Bryan "MicroBry" Wilkinson, and comprise the first all-new Micronaut toy developed in the USA in over two decades!" The new Series 1.5 set is a welcomed addition to the world of the Micronauts.