Does the color scheme of this new Battle Acroyear look a little familiar? It should...if you read the Marvel Comics Micronauts series in the 70's and 80's, or the new Image series in '03, you will recognize this figure for sure. When Palisades was deciding on what new color schemes to choose for the re-tooled Series 1.5, they had to look no further than the members of the Micropolis Embassy mailing list.

A few members from this mailing list comprised the Palisades consultant group, and the color schemes were overwhelmingly decided upon quickly for the new Acroyear. Fans from all over have been wanting an Acroyear that resembled the one from the comic, and he has finally arrived! Dubbed "Battle Acroyear", this new red/white/black figure is the "unofficial" comic colored version of the all time favorite Prince Acroyear.

The Michael Golden Acroyear design was based off the old Mego pink Acroyear, and in turn the new Palisades 1.5 Acroyear is based off Michael's design. Funny how things come full circle after 20 years, huh?


Released and sold only as a set of 4 in March of 2003 through Palisades website, the new 1.5 Acroyear also is a fan favorite because it more closely resembles the vintage style Acroyear color schemes. Containing the new long sword in a bright electroplated red that matches the head, chest and wings- Battle Acroyear also comes equipped with a vintage style white Spybird. The Spybird was intended to be molded in clear plastic to match the figure stand, but was done in white by "mistake".

Added to the back of the S1.5 card is stunning new CGI art created by Bryan Wilkinson, designer of the Med-pod and the Series 2 accessories. You can see the un-cropped images in all their glory by visiting his site.
The Series 1.5 set also comes with a few new changes besides the CGI art and tweaking of the QC problems...the card color has been changed to red to differentiate it from Series 1, and the Dave Dorman collector card/sticker art has been changed in house at Palisades to reflect the new color schemes.

The Battle Acroyear also has new file card text that reads: "Described as an "Enemy of the Micronauts", this stalwart warrior is surely still a hero among his people and a formidable knight to his allies. Clad in his distinctive crimson and white armor, and possessing the strength to weild his massive Power Sword against the powerful intergalactic foes of his people, what childhood imagination couldn't give Acroyear the chance to be a "good guy"?" The Microbyte continues: "While the Acroyear toy's reconfiguring parts might not be called "transformning" by today's standards, Acroyear shares the same toy designers and styling of the most popular transforming robots of the 1980's, 90's and today." The new Series 1.5 set is a welcomed addition to the world of the Micronauts.

Artwork at top and "Prince Acroyear" © Marvel Comics, illustration by Michael Golden