Retro Series 1.5 Micronauts

Time Traveler Medic
Space Commander
Battle Acroyear
Radioactive Membros




From the "ashes" of Micronauts Series 1 came Palisades Retro Micronauts Series 1.5!

Due to many factory errors concerned with the initial production run of the new Micronauts line, Palisades moved production to a new factory. This new take on Series 1 accomplished a few things for Palisades. First, it got some colors out that many people said they wanted to see: like the two Marvel Comics "homage" figures, another Micropolis Embassy mailing list variation idea, and a brand new Micronaut accessory!

The new factory went into full force with the Micronauts production, trying to solve most of the QC issues from S1- like the die cast metal paint apps and the joint work and plastics. Most were successful, but the Magnos still suffered from the same chamfir problems, as Series 2 later showed. And after the Series 1.5 was well into collectors hands, it seemed that the new "miracle" factory might have pulled the same shenanigans as the was discovered that cheap materials were again used and began causing a nasty reaction. (To see the details, read this important announcement to find out how to solve the problem.) Overall, the new lot of figures were improved, and once again embraced by the fans.

Series 1.5 also had a new method of carding the that eliminated all twisty ties, thus causing less stress on the joints in transport but still displays the figure well on the card. Series 1.5 was a great way to keep the line fresh while preparing for the production and release of Series 2...and because of all the problems concerning Series 1, Palisades had to prove they could make Micronauts they way they have a look and decide for yourself.