Retro Series 1 Micronauts

Time Traveler
Space Glider

Baron Karza &

Force Commander
& Oberon

Dynamic Forces TT
HF Space Glider
DD Acroyear
Bio-Scan Membros
Lee's Time Traveler
Gold Baron Karza set


In November of 2002 the first group of the Palisades Retro Series 1 Micronauts entered the always expanding Microverse.

The first 3 3/4" figures contained a batch of heroes and villians, equally matched not only in strength but numbers. While the old Mego series only featured approx. 3 different color schemes per figure, the new Retro Series now featured four. This was in an attempt to keep the new line distinguishable from the vintage pieces, one of the many changes decided upon throughout the initial production. Not only new colors, but new accessories as well...and all fully designed to carry on the same great tradition of interchangeability that made the original Mego line such a hit.

But so many problems from late shipping to factory errors began to sign the death warrant for the new toys even before the series had a chance to make a splash. Many figures shipped broken (the brittle plastic used for the yellow Membros figure being the most prevelant) and the chamfir plates for the Magno figures not being assembled correctly resulting in "weak" magnetic force, the sales were poor and dissapointing. Would Series 2 even be made at this point?

Production errors notwithstanding, these new Micronauts were a hit with the core fans. The genuine love shown for the toyline by both the makers and the fans kept the line afloat for the time being, and guaranteed that at least a second batch of Micronauts would get made. Palisades had high hopes for Series 1, and it's shown by the amount of exclusives produced. The 2002 Retro Series Micronauts certainly created a buzz, good or bad, it still worked. But future Micronauts would need to be fixed, which led to Series 1.5...