Retro Series 2 Micronauts

Galactic Defender

Red Falcon

& Megas
Gold Red Falcon set


July 2003 saw the emergence of Palisades Toys newest foray into the Microverse…their Retro Series 2 Micronauts figures.

Continuing on with this, the actual third series of vintage reproductions of the classic Mego figures, three new sets of heroes and villains prepared to do battle with each other for space on your toy shelves! Added to this new line-up were some old favorites from the original line, and also some of the more rare finds from the collection, making it a nice combination for collectors everywhere.

Series 2 included another batch of figures with brand new and never before seen color schemes, and a wide array of new accessories specifically designed by collectors for collectors.. The card and packaging colors had also changed to differentiate them from the first two series, purple being Series 1, red for Series 1.5 and then green for Series 2. Unfortunately, with the disaster that was Series 1, production numbers were drasically reduced and this led to the lack of any new cool exclusives that were planned for the new series. There would still be a Palisades website exclusive (Emperor and Megas) and a "gift" exclusive (gold Red Falcon) so all was not lost for the variation fanatics.

Series 2 hit outlets like SunCoast Video and stores of the like, but were hidden on shelves in the back and were soon on the close out rack. Bad for Palisades, but great for fans! It was a shame, because the 3 3/4" figures of the series proved to be the best made new Micronauts yet, but sales always detirmine the fate of a toy, and sales were again poor. Palisades Retro Series Micronauts had finally came to an end, but not before making some great new additions to the legend that is the Micronauts.