"With magno power action, firing missiles, Baron Karza's star stallion"

"The leader of the evil Acroyear and enemy of the Micronauts..." no need to continue here...the text from the file card concentrates mostly on Baron Karza and doesn't really concentrate on what any Magno-powered evil leader can be without...his Magno Steed! Released in 2002, Andromeda was included for the first time with Baron Karza as a 2 figure boxed set. These new Andromeda's were replicated from the Mego vintage Andromeda, and come in 3 amazing colors: clear red, original black, and clear.

"Classic" Andromeda repro

The new Palisades Andromeda gets a slight makeover, with nice silver chrome replacing the old dull gray coloring on the torso joint, hooves, tail and wheel hubs.

Magno collectors all over are rejoicing at the fact the new figures now come in a variety of colors for (basically) the first time. The Karza/Andromeda sets come packaged 6 boxes per case; 3 black, 2 clear and 1 an exciting new clear red. Now, who out there doesn't love that clear plastic ? The new Andromeda's all come equipped with the same accessories as the vintage ones with some minor alterations. The new steed is a slight mix of the first and second vintage version releases. While the side rocket missiles are of the "Japan" style (pointed 1st release) the tail is the "HK" version (2nd version), with the more blunted end. Also, only 2 of the side rocket missiles have been included, so be careful firing those projectiles kids...! As a matter of fact, due to today's safety regulations, the new springs on the missile launchers have had to be weakend a little, to avoid any choking (or related) accidents. Also included with the new set are 3 rubber tipped safety missiles.

Andromeda translucent red with black highlights

Andromeda's wheel accessories, color co-ordinated to match each figure (l-r: red, black, clear)

When is a toy not a toy? When it doesn't pass safety regulations. Included on the front of the packaging is this delightful sticker:

Another new feature included with the Palisades figures are fantastic "crack-n-peel" stickers (packaged in the lower right hand corner of the box) showing off the fantastic artwork of artist Dave Dorman. The reverse of the box shows off the same artwork again, this time as part of a collectible file card. The Baron Karza "microbyte" reads: "Baron Karza made his premiere at the New York Toy Fare in the Spring of 1977 (should read "1976") shortly before the debut of another famous black armored sci-fi villian."

The Palisades Retro Series 1 Magno figures are a welcomed addition into the ever expanding Interchangeable World of the Micronauts.

Palisades also produced a super rare gold Baron Karza and Andromeda set as a gift to say "thank you" to certain members of the Yahoo! Groups Micropolis Embassy mailing list for all their help in the series 1 production.