Hero Factory Exclusive

One of the coolest color combos for the new Space Gliders has to be the gold and black Hero Factory exclusive. The great compliment to the color scheme is the translucent red wingpack and hemet with gun. This figure is currently available in one of two ways; initially through Hero Factory's trading card preview set. The 9 card preview set features artwork from the Devil's Due comic book and the text on the back comes from storylines also featured in the comic.

Hero Factory Space Glider's accessories

The regular 36-card set will have a MSRP of $39.99 for the cards, collectible binder, and Space Glider figure. If you are interested in the trading cards and can wait until April 2003 then this is probably the set you would want. Hero Factory will be manufacturing about 4,000 of these with your choice of a comic inspired binder or a Ken Kelly inspired binder. The art from the classic toy line and Dave Dorman's artwork will appear in this latter set. The preview set is limited to 1100 pieces, and is available now. Great pictures of the cards and binders can be seen on thier website. The preview set can be ordered from Hero Factory now for $14.99.

The Hero Factory SG shipping box, clear plastic case containing the cards and figures