"The Slithery Skinned Invader from the Remote world of Visceros"

"A "Slithery Skinned Invader From the Remote World of Visceros", this alien horror is a synthesis of membranous flesh and brutal weaponry. One of the earliest of the unique and controversial Micronauts Aliens line, Membros is actually a sea slug-like creature with a soft body and a mouth of rasping teeth. The popular Micronauts Aliens shared the common trait of exposed glowing brains- a feature that Membros possesses in abundance!" Released in 2002, the text from the file card says it all! These new Membros (Membri?) were replicated from the Mego vintage Membros, and come in 4 colors: red w/black weapons, clear w/purple weapons, black w/gray weapons and yellow w/blue weapons.

red Membros accessories

Sharing all the same attributes as the vintage Membros; removable weapons, brain and wrist cuffs, the Palisades Membros comes packed with new surprises! Replacing the old short hydra pipe, comes a new longer more flexible one, a definite improvement over the old. New weapon colors and brains are fully compatible with the vintage line, and these new color combos up the interchangeability factor to the hilt!

new hydra pipe (l) vintage hydra pipe (r)

Membros clear

Membros black

Membros yellow

Argueably the best new addition to the new Palisades Membros is the inclusion of what seems to be a long lost accessory...hands! These hands can be attached to the arms after the removal of the wrist cuffs. The new brains are also a pleasant surprise, as they are now soft and rubbery, not a hard plastic. Just like a squishy exposed brain should be!
Another new feature included with the Palisades figures are fantastic "crack-n-peel" stickers (packaged to the left of the figure inside the bubble) showing off the fantastic artwork of artist Dave Dorman. The reverse of the card shows off the same artwork again, this time as part of a collectible file card. The Membros "microbyte" reads: "Perhaps mild by todays standards, many Micronaut collectors can recall their parents' horror and disgust when the Aliens were first released in the late 1970's".

These 4 different Membros' are all equally packed, 1 per case, inside a case of 16 figures. Lastly, an "alien specific" figure stand was included in the package as well, with hollow 5 mm pegs able to recieve the small ball joint on the underside of the figures foot, enabeling him to stand.

Palisades has also made a limited variant through the Micropolis Embassy Yahoo! mailing group.

All in all, the Palisades retro series 1 for 2002 is a welcomed addition into the Microverse.