Dynamic Forces Exclusive

The Dynamic Forces Time Traveler has the distinction of being the first Micronaut sold and shipped in the United States in 2002! Due to continual set backs in production causing the release dates to be pushed back, Dynamic Forces was going to cancel their order. Palisades produced and shipped this glowing Time Traveler to them first out of all the figures, and it reached U.S. shores before the dock workers strike in late summer, which held back shipping dates even farther.

DF Time Traveler glow chest plates

The Dynamic Forces Time Traveler was limited to only 5000 pieces, and is a fine new example of the classic Time Traveler figure. The body is a hazy black translucent plastic, and the head, feet, hands, L-peg and 6 chestplates are all cast in glow in the dark plastic. This exclusive is packaged the same way as the regular releases, with a figure stand and a Dave Dorman Time Traveler sticker.