Lee's Action Figure News and Toy Review Magazine Exclusive


The action figure magazine Lee's Action Figure News and Toy Review has now got thier exclusive ready to go. Featured as a subscription "gift" they are offering this "test shot" style Time Traveler figure free with a 1 year subscription offer. check out their magazine, or visit their evilbay store for more details.

This cool stealth style figure is cast in all black plastic, and comes with all the normal Time Traveler accessories that accompany the regular release; the 6 chestplates, "L"-peg, and figure stand all done in the same black color.


LAFNTR Time Traveler black chest plates


From their evilbay auction listing: "This auction offers a 12 month subscription to Lee's Toy Review monthly magazine. You will receive a new issue each month, complete with our upcoming collectors' guides found within select issues! As an added gift, you will also receive a Lee's Exclusive Micronauts figure. The miniature bot is all black, plastic sculpt. This subscription deal is PERFECT for the toy lover in your life!"

Lee's eBay ID is "lees_toy_review". Check eBay often to view their upcoming auctions for this cool new addition to the Microverse.


There also seems to be a variant with the LAFNTR Time Traveler figure...and it may not be exactly what you'd think. Pictured at left is the Time Traveler with what appears to be a Space Glider head...and the variant seems to be the Time Traveler head it's supposed to have!

Most reports from collectors are that the majority of the Time Travelers shipping have this Space Glider head, another product of the Factory 1 (mis) production. The one that seems to be more limited is the actual Time Traveler head. So be on the lookout, you may get the one you may not be expecting!

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