Mego Micronauts
Series 1 1976

Time Traveler (clear)
Space Glider
Galactic Warrior



Galactic Cruiser
Photon Sled
Crater Cruncher
Ultronic Scooter
Warp Racer
Hydro Copter

Mobile Exploration Lab


Although this section is entitled "Series 1-1976", thats not exactly accurate. The first series of Micronaut toys really wasn't released until 1977, but the first batch was actually produced and copyrighted in 1976. So that means they were shown in Feburary of '77 in NYC at Toy Fair, beating out that other famous toy line that was based on some big movie that came out that year...

The first batch of Micronauts were a culmination of the first two years worth of Microman toys that were already out in Japan. There were four figures, two battery operated robots, and a plethora of vehicles and ships for the figures to interact with. Not a bad start to say the least. The mixture of clear plastic and die cast metal made the toys stand out on the shelves, and they were big sellers.

The boxed items were released with a small catalog showing off the different toys from the line, and there was a running change with the catalogs within the first year. The initial catalog showed actual Microman toys (which were probably also the same ones used for display at Toy Fair) and feature the then titled "Gyrotron" vehicle which was never thought to actually be released. According to Marty Abrams, it may have been...

When the production for the line was cemented, the catalog was redesigned to reflect the changes. The new catalog also shows off the marketing angle Mego was going for with the interchangeability factor of the line. There was enough going on in those small pamphlets to drive a kid crazy with toy fever! Follow the links to the upper left to see the different individual toys for the first series, and the links at top to move onto the next years.