Mego Micronauts
Series 3 1978

Galactic Defender


Alpha, Beta & Gammatron

Star Searcher

Galactic Command Center
Interplanetary HQ
Microrail City

Satellite Survey Station

Much like the previous series, this section entitled "Series 3-1978" actually came out about 1979, but the toys bear a 1978 copyright. Not too many new toys released this year, but a few additions to help move the line along.

The catalog pictured here would be the last one produced to show off any new toys, and would be released with all the latter years boxed items as well. This year also showed off another old Mego marketing trick - add a few new accessories or changes to an exisiting toy, rename it and put it out as something new. Hence the introduction of Phobos (Biotron), Nemesis (Microtron) and the other 3 silly tron toys added to the line up.

This catalog also shows pictured prototypes for some future hits for the Micronauts line: the "Aliens". You'll notice that they have the first version released colored brains along with mis matched weapons, as well as a modified Microman Galactic Defender figure. Follow the links to the left to see the different individual toys for the third series, and the links at top to move onto the next years.