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Much like the previous series, this section entitled "Series 5-1980" actually came out about 1980-81. But some of the toys bear a 1979 copyright, while others bear none. Almost all the item for this year were designed back with the rest of the 1979 releases, but by this time Mego was finished as a company. They had toys made, produced and packaged but with no way to release them.

This is where the histroy of the line gets a bit cloudy. Some of these boxed vehicles, like Lobstros and Ampzilla, have been seen with American Mego packaging. Yet most of the stock was bought up by an Italian company named GiG and released almost excluisvely over there. While it is (somewhat) common to find Centaurus, Lobros, and Kronos on Italian cards, some examples of these on English Mego packaging have surfaced too. Both Emperor and Megas can be found bearing Lion Rock and Gig logos, while Sharkos and the new addition Magno figures would only be seen in Italian packaging.

It seemed GiG in Italy was set on continuing the Micronauts property much the way Mego originally did, and they signed a deal with Takara to import and produce their own versions as well. This was evidenced by the addition of the Microman Blizzard tron, and the return to the original Japanese magno molds featuring the non-safety missiles and spiked steed tails. Again, the history starts to get a bit confusing...the question remains: was there someone closely associated with Mego involved in the Italian distribution of the Micronauts?

After this wave of I Micronauti toys hit shelves and went the way of the dinosaur, a new line called the Nuovi Micronauti (new Micronauts) were released. These toys (mostly Magno figures) - from the look of the packaging down to the cheapness of materials used - bore a striking resemblence to the Inter-changeables toys then hitting shelves in the USA. In one form or another, it seems that nothing could stop the Micronauts line from continuing on, at lease for a short while throughout the 80's. Follow the links to the upper left to see the different individual toys for the fifth series, and the links at top to move back to the previous years. Hit the Micro-Huh? link to see some of the more interesting and downright bizarre odd licenced items ever to bear the Micronauts logo.