Mego Micronauts
Series 4 1979

Time Traveler (opaque)



Star Defender

Rocket Tubes
Deluxe Rocket Tubes

Montgomery Wards Space Vehicle
Sears Rocket Tubes
Sears Mega City


Much like the previous series, this section entitled "Series 4-1979" actually came out about 1980 or so, but the toys bear a 1979 copyright. This was the first year that Mego introduced possibly the biggest hit with fans today, and what could be considered the first truly original Micronaut toys; the Aliens.

The first wave included Antron, Repto and Membros and they continued the interchangeability concept with their removable brains and 5mm port arm weapons. These radical new concepts and designs would prove to stand the test of time, making these figures highly sought after in years to come. With new characters to sell, the ideas on packaging were redesigned to reflect this and another new idea was born: using stunning artwork on the cards to catch the eye. Enter Ken Kelly, master painter and (then) legend in the making.

A few new vehicles were also added; the ever popular Alien's Hornetroid and Terraphant, and the complex Star Defender. This year would also see the release of one of the most disappointing yet visually interesting sets; the Rocket Tubes. Follow the links to the left to see the different individual toys for the fourth series, and the links at top to move onto the next years.