Mego Micronauts
Series 2 1977

Acroyear ll
Baron Karza &
Force Commander
& Oberon


Giant Acroyear

Rhodium Orbiter
Thorium Orbiter
Neon Orbiter

Battle Cruiser

Much like Series 1, this section entitled "Series 2-1977" actually came out about 1978, but the toys bear a 1977 copyright. Some major additions this year, including two new 3 3/4" figures, some heavy duty die-cast vehicles, and the introduction of what would turn out to be another major hit with the Micronauts - the "Magno" figures.

While Pharoid and Acroyear ll were basically Microman figures renamed, the Magnos could be considered actual "new" characters. Still being based on a Takara line of magnemo (magnetically jointed) figures, the introduction of Baron Karza and Force Commander brought in a whole new dynamic to the Micronauts interchangeability factor. Even though these new figures were a bit out of scale with the rest of the line, it didn't make a difference to fans. The larger 8" figures were now labeled the respective leaders of their clans, and with one being "good" and the other "evil", the Micronauts mythos soon were forming.

A few new interchangeable concepts were also introduced this year with the addition of the Micropolis building sets.

This was a marketing dream for Mego, as these flat building sections could be repackaged as different play sets, all basically being the same thing. Again, a running change in the catalogs show first the building sets in their prototype stage, then later on in the production stage. Lastly, the mack daddy of all interchangeable space ships was also introduced: the Battle Cruiser. A battery operated toy that had over 70 individual pieces. The "interchangeable" world of the Micronauts indeed. Follow the links to the upper left to see the different individual toys for the second series, and the links at top to move onto the next years.