"Fully Poseable Space Warrior"

"First of the Micronauts, Time Traveler was released in 1977 and has shined in the eyes of countless collectors around the world. But who are these many colored beings that populate the Microverse and reach into the new millennium? Are they beings of light and energy, or space warriors from a world of technology and mechanical perfection? They could be these, and much more!" Released in 2002, the text from the file card says it all! These new Time Travelers were replicated from the Mego vintage Time Travelers, and come in 4 colors: red/silver/gray, clear/gold/white, clear blue/silver/gray and black/gold/gray.

silver chest plates

Sharing all the same attributes as the vintage Time Travelers; removable hands, feet chest plates, the Palisades Time Travelers come packed with new surprises! One of the major new changes to the retro series figures is the more detailed head sculpting. All parts are fully compatible with the vintage line, and these new color combos up the interchangeability factor to the hilt!


vintage TT (l), new TT (r)

red Time Traveler

clear Time Traveler

black Time Traveler

In one of the many production mistakes made by the series one factory in Hong Kong, the back of the file card states these 2 new chestplates, the "T-Bird" (l) and the "V-8" (r) were to be randomly packed inside different cards. Their production error is to our benefit, because now every Time Traveler figure is packaged with all 6 chest plates. 4 vintage, and the 2 new.
Another new feature included with the Palisades figures are fantastic "crack-n-peel" stickers (packaged to the left of the figure inside the bubble) showing off the fantastic artwork of artist Dave Dorman. The reverse of the card shows off the same artwork again, this time as part of a collectible file card. The Time Traveler "microbyte" reads: "The 1970's Time Travelers came in 8 different transparent and opaque colors, each with one of four different chest panel designs. Now they are equipped with 2 new additional chest panels randomly packed in the package!".

These 4 different Time Travelers are all equally packed, 1 per case, inside a case of 16 figures. Lastly, a figure stand was included in the package as well as a colored L-peg that matches the Time Travelers hands and feet.

Palisades has also made some limited variants through Dynamic Forces and Lee's Action Figure magazine. All in all, the Palisades retro series 1 for 2002 is a welcomed addition into the Microverse.