"The Dangerous Reptile From The Distant Planet Saurian" (translated from the Italian)
Is Ampzilla a creature or a vehicle...or both? Much like Sharkos, it's a bit of a mystery. Released late 79 early 80 toward the end of the Mego run as a small boxed item, Ampzilla was mostly distributed by the Gig Co. in Italy with a very limited US release. Ampzilla did not have a Microman counterpart, but some could say he was loosely based on another Japanese lizard with a similar name.

Standing roughly 7" tall, and following along with the rest of the Alien monster/vehicle motif, the actual finished toy was slightly different than the prototype shown on the box. The major differences are in the head sculpt, with a small antenna missing from the actual release. On top of the head lay 2 5mm holes that held the 2 blue plastic guns, identical to those used with Lobstros save for the color. Ampzilla had 2 removable jointed arms and legs with 6 rollers on the feet. On the front of the torso are some robotic panels with 2 applied stickers, and comes with 5mm holes that hold the 2 removable blue "chest tubes" (usually missing from loose examples).


The back of Ampzilla has a hatch that opens and acts as a cockpit for an Alien driver/pilot. The side box flap shows Repto taking a spin, which would make sense, since I believe Mego intended them to be from the same planet (Sauria, Saurian respectively...) While some collectors consider Ampzilla the Micronauts "holy grail", others consider him the most ridiculous toy designed for the line and a total waste of money usually paid to obtain him.


The finished toy design also varies greatly from the concept artwork done by Steve Hodges on 5-14-79. Lastly Ampzilla came packaged with an instruction sheet. Ampzilla was also proposed as part of the Pocket Super Heroes line but was never included.