"Robot Hovercraft from Outer Space"

(translated from the Italian)

Blizzard was released around 1980 by the Gig company as part of the Italian Micronaut line, toward the end of their run. A boxed item packed in a Styrofoam tray, Blizzard was a bit of a departure from the rest of the line. There were 4 different Blizzard figures released in the Microman line, and the Micronaut's Blizzard was based on just one of them - Ceres. Molded in red, blue and yellow plastic, he ran on 2 "AA" batteries that were placed in his large backpack.

Blizzard was more like a statue than an actual figure, but had moveable shoulders and arms, a swivel head and pelvis, and bendable knees and ankles. His feet were permanently attached to the hovercraft section, and while the cannon he held could be removed from his hands, it was also permanently attached to the backpack with a coated wire.

Under the hovercraft feet section, there are 2 rows of black bristles, and when Blizzard was switched on, the whole figure would vibrate and move, and appear to hover due to the bristles hidden underneath. Small green fan blades were located on the backs of the feet section, and on the front of the cannon. These would also vibrate and spin, and I guess were supposed simulate, for the cannon, producing snow or cold as a defensive or attack maneuver. The cannon could also separated in the middle, where a small spinning "cog" was visible. This is where the rest of Blizzard's accessories came into play.


A small yellow disc holder could be placed on the cog, and it would hold in place 1 of the 2 larger green fan blade spinners. When activated, the spinner would launch the fan discs toward the cardboard stand-ups, also included. The 2 stand-ups bore pictures of 2 different figures, being that of the Microman Deathmarcks. Blizzard was also packaged with a sticker and instruction sheet, although a few stickers are already applied to the figure.