In 1979, the Hyperion vehicle was released at the end of the Micronauts run, mostly in the European market. This was one of 2 vehicles not based on a Microman counterpart. As a boxed item, Hyperion was based on the Takara Timanic Nicmachine 2, but went thru major changes and modifications to become part of the Micronauts line. The Nicmachine was basically a flat vehicle built for a larger scale figure, so Mego removed a small section from the surface, and added a Stratastation chair molded in behind that opened area to allow the 3 3/4" figure to sit.

The side rocket thrusters were also shaved off the body, remolded and doubled over, and used as a new piece that could be attached to the body via 5 mm peg/hole system, called the grey propulsor units. A small grey wheel with red holder fit into the underside front, while the rear had a space for a wind up motor, whch was cased in white platic instead of the usual chrome. This motor would be used again in numerous Micronaut vehicles, due to its adapability with the 5mm peg/hole system. When holding the wheels (fitted with rubber tires) you could turn the white nob in a clockwise direction. When released, the wheels would spin propelling the vehicle forward. A surplus of these motors would later be released mainly in the Canadian markets as a 3 pack carded set.
Another strange addition was that of 2 small red wheels with grey holders, identical to those used with Biotrons accessroies. These fit into the bodies underside also, but did not touch the ground when the wind up motor and front wheel were in place. Altho the box photo shows the Hyperion wth the orignal Nicmachine missile launcher mounted on the front, it actually came packaged with an Astrostation rear missile launcher, molded in grey instead of blue, and 3 ill-fitting long shafted Star Searcher rubber tipped missiles.

Hyperion seemed to be a mix of cool retooling and quckly thrown together parts, but still remains one of the rarest and hard to find vehicles in the Micronaut line. Along with an instruction and sticker sheet, Hyperion came packaged wih a Time Traveler figure. This vehicles design would be used again in the Mego Pocket Super Heroes line as the Hulk Explorer.