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Now if the first series of The Inter-changeables were a bit of an oddity, the second series was even more so. The company that put out the first series was called HourToy. What, or better yet, who was "HourToy"? Was this a play on the word "Our Toy"? Was there some kind of connection to Mego here by any chance? Now this new company was called "M&D Toys". Did the letters "M" and "D" mean anything too? While this makes things even more curious as to the real history behind the line, the drastic new color schemes for the toys doesn't help any either. Gone were the bright and happy yellow, white, pink, red and blue…here now were much darker tones of red and blue complimented with black….and another old familiar and distinctive Micronaut feature…chrome.

Well, that's what the packaging showed at least…cool figures and vehicles decked out in bright shiny chrome to catch the eye. But what actually resided inside the packages was another slight disappointment. The toys weren't really chromed out…but were mostly cast in cheap gray plastic. Oh well, better this cooler new color scheme than the old pastel one for sure. Chances are though; you had to hit the toy store at the right time to find these new Inter-changeables because their shelf life was even shorter than the first series. You were more likely to find these toys if you lived in the northern mid-west or Canada, where they seemed to be in more of an abundance.


There were two major new additions to this line that separated it from the first. Why these two toys weren't included with the first line is unknown…maybe added to help increase sales? Maybe they didn't have access to certain molds at the time? Again, this is just one of the many mysteries surrounding the Inter-changeables line. But the lack of inclusion of these from the first series was a definite gain for anyone who purchased these from the second line. Now added was a new variation on the old Micronauts Battle Cruiser (a complex and expensive toy to produce regardless) called the Cosmic Attack Cruiser, and a variation on the Biotron/Cosmobot toy called Terrobot. Very striking and very different from both the original series Micronauts and first series Inter-changeables, this newer series is even more desired by fans and equally harder to find than the first. Detail to note: the although this section is entitled "M&D Toys" and refers to the second "silver" series, most of the toys released in this "silver" wave bear the HourToy logo on the packaging. Talk about making the line even more confusing...!

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