A much rarer Magno figure, King Atlas was released at the end of the Micronauts run almost exclusively in Italy by the Gig co. Featuring a new head sculpt, and molded mostly in a maroon red color with black highlights, he is identical to that of the Green Baron save for the basic color. Seemed like the Gig company was taking tips from Mego on being cheap...and reproducing the same figure with a different name.

He was packed like all other Magnos, a boxed item in a styrofoam tray. The magnetic ball/socket joints allowed the figure great articulation. He was also compatible with the 5mm peg system, and came with two red universal magnetic ball joints. Other accessories included a large 5mm adapter, (which held the rockets to the back), three small black missiles which shot from the stomach port and four fists. Along with the universal joint, which fit into the end of the backpack, it included two large missile holders with 5mm pegs and two large black cone shaped missiles.


A much rarer "stallion" (and the term is used loosely!) Lantaurion was released almost exclusively in Italy by the Gig co., and was color matched with King Atlas. These magno sidekicks featured a new - and strange - head sculpt...with a funky "hair-do", big alien segmented bug eyes and a zig-zag mouth, one wonders...what the hell were they thinking?? A boxed item packed in a clear plastic tray, this figure came with all the same accessories that were packed with the other stallions.

The removable head, four legs, and main body were red, with the adjustable torso joint, tail, and four hooves in black. Aside from the magnetic balls which resided in the torso section, he had two magno ports on either side of the body. These ports held missile launchers which fired small black cone shaped missiles. This figure also came packed with the larger rubber tipped safety missiles.
Other accessories included four black wheel covers (or hubs) two large and two small black wheels. The smaller wheels came with rubber treads, and when the shaft of the wheel cover was placed through the hole in the wheel, they could be attached to the main torso, in place of the legs, to form a tank vehicle. A small sticker sheet identical to all the other stallion sticker sheets was also included. Lantaurion is Identical to Pegasus, Green Baron's stallion, save for the basic color. And of course, removal of the horses head allowed the figure to be placed in it's spot to form a centaur.
The mold for this steed figure was also used by the Hourtoy and M&D Toys company for their Interchangeables line, known as Metallion. It followed Lord Meto's color scheme of black, chrome with glow eyes and universal magnetic joints.