Thanks goes out to the following people who, whether they know it or not, were a big help with getting this site going.

My brother, Mike, whos endless hours of scanning and work helped get this whole ball rolling.

Paul Lorphanpaibul who's expert knowledge of all that is Microman helped with the Japanese side of things. Check out Paul's excellent site Microman Forever for one of the most indepth looks at the Microman toyline.

Willy Jones for supplying the Micro-font used throughout this site. The font can be downloaded at his great Micronauts comic site, Micronet.

Erik Larsen for giving us the first and longest running Micro site, his Micronauts Homepage which served as inspiration for Inner Space Online.

Here are some of my favorite links, check 'em out!

For the biggest collection of Micro-related links in the US and Japan check out Bryan Wilkinson's Rocket Tubes Transit System or his other site Rescue Base Seattle for cool stuff and great pictures of custom Micros and more.

Speaking of Bryan Wilkinson, his new site is up and running as well. Bryan is the GCI artist on the Palisades Retro Micronauts series, and does some amazing work! Here is where you can see the un-cropped images from his S1.5 work, that appear on the back of the cards.

Ken Kelly, master painter and all around great guy. Oh yeah, he's the guy who painted those Micronaut Alien paintings that were on the cards...

Just what is that thing between Microtron's treads? To see some great pics, artwork or to find Micro-parts, see Mike Bazzell's M.P.D.A. thats Microtrons Peculiar Drill Attatchment, by the way...

Need some repair or customizing tips for your Micros? Just ask the Micro-Doc, Jeffery Gaier! Jeffey's Micro E.R. is just the place to go when the joints are loose and the chrome is chipped, or if your Aliens need brain transplants...

Some great Micro-related artwork and more can be found on this unique site, Bwana Spoons Grasshut Corp.

Rick Sanchez has a site dedicated to all the cool toys from the 70's and 80's called Bug Eyed Monster. A great place to look around and remember some old toys you forgot about!

Über-collector Brad McQuaid (father of Everquest) has his own Micro-site which focuses on other peoples collections called Microcollection. Send in some of your pics and show off what you got!

Super 7 Magazine is probably one of the best American made Japanese toy and culture publications out there. They even have a Microman/Micronauts section by Mr. Bwana Spoons. A must have mag!

Zinc Panic is one of the slickest sites out there. Can't even begin to describe all that this site entails...go now to check it out! The "Radar, Radar!" section has news on new toys for a start...

He's just a guy named Robopuss, and he made a neat little movie starring his Micronauts back in the 80's. Thats just one of the cool little things in Satan's Micro Hole!

Michael "Microotaku" has a nice blog type site going called Of Micronauts and Men. Follow his customizing adventures as he does what you're supposed to do with with them!

Here are a few forums for discussing Micronauts and related topics:

Tons of Micro info was and is continually obtained thru this excellent mailing list I belong to, the Micropolis Embassy. This new list set up by Micro-guru Ray Miller takes over from where the old Micropola list left off. A great place to discuss Micro related topics, meet other collectors, and to buy, sell, and trade. Highly recomended, so join today!

Generation Micro is now up and running! What is Gen M? It's a discussion group for toy fans to exchange ideas for making original creations inspired by a variety of influences, and for mixing similar existing toylines for fun. A customiser's dream come true, created by Bryan Wilkinson and brought to life by the Micro-Doc, Jeffery Gaier.

If you read and enjoy any incarnation of the Micronauts in comic book form, get on over to the Micronauts Message Board and tell them about it.

Brian Heiler is the moderator over at the Mego Museum's Mego Talk Board. The Micronauts have their own section entitled The Microverse! Mego + Micronauts...what more could you ask for?

There is a discussion forum in Brad McQuaid's as well, so while you're showing off your collection, you can log on and talk about others' goodies too.


Here are a few links for buying Micronauts and Micromen toys:

Looking to buy some vintage Micronauts to add or complete a collection? Check the most evil and vile place on the earth...eBay. They have a category for Micronauts, or look through all of eVilbay for Micronauts (this link will pull a few different listings) and Microman.

The Microman line comes from Japan, so what better place to buy them than from Japan directly? Searching the Yahoo Japan auction site for Microman is awesome, but you can't buy from there unless you live in Japan or speak Japanese. That's where Celga comes in! For a small fee they will bid on auctions for you, and will ship the items right to you. Great people, and very reliable...check out the site for all the details.

Another great dealer of vintage and reproduction Microman, plus a whole lot more is Felix Leu. He can be found at FantAsia Toyz

Hobby Link Japan is another one of the direct sources to pre-order your favorite new Microman toys...but pre-order fast! They often sell out pretty quick. Easy to navigate Japanese site in English.

Yutaka Ishida often has some nice vintage Microman toys for sale on his site, Kaikodo. Great to deal with and fast shipping.


Here are a few very cool ass Japanese related websites:

With the release of the new Microman Micro Force series, Takara has set up an amzing site to show off all the new stuff. Check back there regularly to see what new figures are coming out. And don't forget to vist Takara Hobby too.

Ussun from Base Xero Xero is a guy who often produces some really nice Microman related swag. His most recent offering: the Micro Batta sets in conjuction with Takeshit from the band Cocobat.

To see the greatest of all Micro-customizing sites, go right now to the Monochronauts. This is a Japanese site, but dont worry, its all spelled out in black and white.

Another incredible Japanese site is 20th Century Intelligence Agent. The mind blowing flash animation opener is worth the trip alone! Oh yeah, there's some cool Micro-swag there too...



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