"The Awesome Creature From The Distant Planet Of Hydra"

Billed more as a creature, Lobstros definitely had more vehicle features than anything else. Released in late 79 early 80 by Mego, with a limited US release and a wider one in Italy by the Gig Co., Lobstros was one of the better creature/vehicle designs.

Packaged in a fairly small box the actual toy was not as large as it appeared to be. The main body was shaped somewhat like a crab rather than a lobster, and sported 3 5mm peg holes. 2 black plastic guns, identical to those used for Ampzilla save for the color, could be mounted there. 6 black wheels attached to 6 "segmented" like legs and could be placed into its sides. Off the front of the body came 2 large "segmented" like lobster/crab main arms, which had 2 yellow spring-loaded claws. The claws could open and close by pushing a small button on the side.

2 small black wheels with holders were also included for support under the arms, and 2 yellow rubbery antenna also plugged into the front. The prototype on the box shows a clear canopy, but the actual one released is more of a cloudy smoke like color, which swings open to hold a driver/pilot alien. Much like Ampzilla, Lobstros is a very rare find, and as was mentioned before is smaller than it appears on the box, roughly 9 1/2" in length.




And all in all tricky to find complete but well worth the hunt. Lobstros was proposed as part of the Mego Pocket Super Heroes line as "The Claw" but never made it. Lobstros also came packaged with an instruction sheet.