"The Scaly Creature from the Deep Oceans of Zenon"

(translated from the Italian)

One of the weirdest looking Aliens in the 2nd series, released in 1979, Lobros saw a more limited US release and more common Italian one by the Gig company. Obviously modeled after a mutated lobster creature and showing no sign of eyes, Lobros was molded in orange and yellow plastic. The head just seemed to be a big mouth, where-in resides a removable glow in the dark brain with a detachable orange antennae. Also removable were the orange cuffs which held a black Blaster and Shield. Spikes and bumps covered his hunchback body, and he has the requisite 5mm hole in the back. The ankle spats and feet were also removable, but it was not recommended. And what is up with Lobros' feet, anyway? Kind of strange booties for an evil Alien to wear...

Lobros card front
Lobros card back

Lobros weapons