"The Winged Prince of all the Micronauts" (translated from the Italian)
A very large boxed item packed in a styrofoam tray, Red Falcon was released at the end of the Micronauts run by the Gig co. almost exclusively in Italy, and had possibly the coolest feature of all the Magnos. Based on the Takara Death Cross figure from their Magnemo line, Red Falcon could transform into a bird/falcon- which seemed to be the beginnings of the "Transformer" revolution that would soon hit. Red Falcon was molded mostly in blue and red, and had a very "Japanime" styled blue face with a yellow helmet.

The upper arms and legs were blue, while the lower sections were red. these had the magno-balls on the ends, which fit into the magno sockets located on the transparent torso. Inside the clear torso were silver robotic components, ala Henshin Cyborg. Red Falcon also came equipped with 2 blue fists which fired from the forearms, that had a 5mm hole thru them. This allowed him to hold one of his major accessories, a large silver sword.
The other important accessories allowed him to begin his transformation...namely the 2 red wings. These beautifully sculpted wings had magno balls and 5mm pegs and holes, and had clips to hold 3 thin yellow missile on their underside. These 6 yellow missiles were released with the first version, while later ones would have the rubber tipped version.
The pegs on the wings fit into holes on the figures back to give him wings in humanoid form, and the magnetic balls fit into the arm sockets to help transform him into bird mode. Remove the legs, and a tail fin section with universal magno joints attached can be added, remove the head and a front bird/plane torso section can be jointed with the pegs on the wings. Then red bird-like roller legs can be added into the holes on the underside, and a launching bird head shaped missile can be added to the torso to complete the cycle. Red Falcon can truly live up to his name.
He was also one of the only Magno figures, aside from the stallions, to include a sticker sheet. Red Falcon in the later years proved to be a great knock-off toy, and had many clones. Click here to go to Erik Larsen's Micronauts Homepage to get the real story.