"The Silent Predator From The Underwater World Of Isaurus" (translated from the Italian)

Is Sharkos a vehicle, a creature or both? This descripton from the box makes it seem like a Micronaut adversary, but the seat affixed to it's body and the picture of Antron riding it on the box front seem to tell a different story. Released in 1979 as a boxed item and shown in US comercials, Sharkos was mostly distributed throughout the Italian market as a vehicle used by the evil Alien invaders. Sharkos was soley designed by Mego, and not having Microman counterpart.

  The few accessories included were 3 black fins, 1 thin one mounted atop the body, and 2 wider hollow ones for the sides, used to help Sharkos float. Sharkos could cruise thru the water propelled via an aqua motor mounted in the rear of the body. The aqua motor was basically a casing that took a "penlight" , or A battery that, when the end section was turned clockwise, powered a small motor that spun a little gear.
While the designs for the 6 Alien invader figures proved popular, the vehicle counterparts seemed to get a little strange. Alot of them were obviously based on insects and animals, but Sharkos ended up looking more like a floating cucumber than a deadly shark. The final produced design also seemed to have varied greatly from the concept artwork done for the toy by Steve Hodges, dated 5/14/79. Sharkos also came packaged with an instruction sheet.